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1. EBIZ may collect and use personal information relating to:

Ø your use of our website;

Ø your registration with any of our program, subscription to our services or similar activities;

Ø any transactions financial or otherwise conducted over our website;

Ø any other information that you provide to EBIZ

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3. During the process of using our website, you may be directed or redirected through our website (or emails we sent to you or any other form of communications with us) to other websites or any other internet presence such as blogs, video sites etc. (collectively hereinafter referred to as “NonEBIZ Sites”). You are cautioned, acknowledge, understand and accept that the use of NonEBIZ Sites is also subjected to their individual rules, regulations and policies in regard to collection and use of personal information and that you cannot hold EBIZ to be responsible for their use and have waived all your rights of claims on us in respect of any legal proceeding or actions that would be taken place.

4. If it is required by law or demanded under any legal proceedings, EBIZ has the absolute right and without any liability to you in disclosing your personal information.

5. To prevent the misuse, the loss or unauthorised access to your personal information, EBIZ will take necessary precautionary measures to safeguard all personal information we collected from you and which we will store them on secure servers. In addition, your online purchase and payment transactions via our website will be secured and encrypted for protection.

6. From time to time, EBIZ my make any changes and amendments to this privacy statement without notice or notification to you by updating this privacy statement in our website. This privacy statement is dated and controlled by version number. To ensure you have the updated information about this privacy statement, you should check its version number and date when you use our website.