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The business pursued under our program falls under the category of the network and internet marketing industry. While we have made our best efforts to outline all aspects of our program and business and its income potentials, we cannot guarantee that we have disclosed every single detail and area of interest nor that there is no omissions or oversights on our part. However, we do use the utmost care in presenting our program and business to you in order to give a true picture of it to the best of our knowledge. You should take your own responsibility for using our information and use your own independent judgment to make your business decision. The information we provided to you is for your reference only and cannot be taken or interpreted as our representations, promises, guarantees or our statements of such nature made to you. There is no guarantee that you will make such level of income as stated in our Program Goal because it all depends on the individual person using the ideas, techniques or methods as described in our program. The income levels mentioned in all the business presentations shown to you during the use of our website are for illustration purposes only. They cannot be viewed as typical income nor as the actual income of any given Member of our business program. Your opportunity to make such income level will largely depend upon the amount of hard work, talent and dedication you will devotes to building your business. We also cannot rule out the effect that factors such as “lucks” have to play but do not believe that such factors should determine your success.

We would like to stress again and your attention is also drawn to the fact that any business or similar understanding will involve investment of money and time. As a result, there will be risks involved and you should take your own responsibilities and make your business decision using your own judgment. Any information we provided should be used for your own reference only and used entirely at your own risk.